Fishing Bridge RV Park

The original bridge was built in 1902. It was a rough-hewn corduroy log bridge with a slightly different alignment than the current bridge. The existing bridge was built in 1937. The Fishing Bridge was historically a tremendously popular place to fish. Angling from the bridge was quite good, due to the fact that it was a major spawning area for cutthroat trout. However, because of the decline of the cutthroat population(in part, a result of this practice), the bridge was closed to fishing in 1973. Since that time, it has become a popular place to observe fish.

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Mike Edge 2016-08-08

Great location if you have a large rig that won't fit the other locations. Had a 35ft trailer that just 'barely" fit. Roads in the campground have so many potholes, you can't find a level path to drive and might get a little damage like I did. No BBQ pit/pedestal or table provided. NO FIRES, even propane are allowed at any time.
Jeremy Salyers 2016-06-24

Forget the negative reviews. You're in YELLOWSTONE. It's a perfect outdoor feel campground for your visit to Yellowstone. Check in is fast and staff is friendly. Reserve months in advance if you need full hook ups. Located in the middle of Old Faithful & Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone while near the lake. If you need something better get a hotel room 2 hours outside the park. We loved our stay.