Great Salt Lake State Park

This State Park provides boat slips, public viewpoints of Great Salt Lake, sail and motorboat access, and a search and rescue operations center. The lake, which is two to seven times saltier than the ocean, is also a popular destination for bird watching as it is a major stop for millions of migratory birds.

Business Hour

7:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm

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User Comments

Teodora Tastaman 2017-02-19

I visited in the fall and the place was desolate because it was cold but I hear it's really busy in the summer. I will be back.
Tania LaPalme 2016-04-14

Only 5 camping spots so you have the place to yourself pretty much. Yes, the sand smells bad in some areas but further out it isn't too bad, and the dogs love to run around off- leash. There are spots to clean up. Staff is friendly. Washrooms are clean. Visitor center is small but nice. Camping has hydro and water, and wifi. Also a fire pit. No grass, so you are camping "parking lot" style, but the views are great. It is out in the open so it can get a little windy. Too cold to swim right now, unfortunately. (April). I was very happy with it!