Atlanta is a historic city,also is an center of emerging industrial and commercial city and culture, the health care center.

Atlanta, Georgia's capital and the largest industrial and commercial city in the United States. Located at an altitude of 350 meters of the Appalachian foothills of the earth, is one of the big three highland city in the United States. Atlanta during the civil war is the southern strategic position, so there are many places for sightseeing is historical sites related to the civil war. There are many parks in Atlanta, grant park is one of the biggest park in the city, in addition to flowers and plants, trees and sculptures, and modernization of the zoo open zoo and specifically for children. Atlanta, the whole city is like a big garden, the famous garden city in the United States. Spring, pink dogwood flower so delicate and charming, beautiful and colorful azaleas in photograph reflect, varied, beautiful scenery and charming.

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