Cleveland is the largest city in Ohio,located in the southern bank of the lake Erie, Cuyahoga river estuary, the former western reserve range, 100 kilometers from Pennsylvania. Opened in 1796, the city in 1836, due to the canal and railway intersection in history, has become a manufacturing center. In large industrial recession, as finance, insurance and medical center. Heavy industry is the economic basis, among them the most advanced iron and steel industry, and other industrial department machinery manufacture, metallurgy, electrical equipment, petrochemical, textile, food and so on are considerable scale. Situated on the northeast and Midwest connect trunk lines of railways, highways, location is very important. Port is very good, input a large number of iron ore,output steel, machine tools, automobile, food and other products. Tourist site focused on the east river. Mr Kerr university area has more than 30 cultural and religious institutions, including the second Cleveland museum, seve Aaron hall, covering an area of 273 acres of Rockefeller park, the public library of the fifth largest collection in America and more colleges and universities. The level of medical research Ranked among the top American.

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