Dallas in the southern industrial city of America is located in the north city of Texas, is the second largest city after Houston in Texas. Dallas the fur trade station of the indians. John Bryan in 1841 built the first house near the river. A city in 1856. Because it is located in the black soil steppe cotton production areas, 40% of the country's cotton in 1920s from its surroundings. On September 30, 1930, Joyner found east Texas oilfield, making the city a oil industry management center. During the second world war and the postwar, munitions, aircraft manufacturing, electronics and other industrial rise, population explosion, urban rapid development. Then become a regional Banks and the financial center in the southwestern.The city is famous for its cultural activities, and often continue to perform opera, ballet, concerts and symphony. The Dallas Theatre Centre is famous by the famous architect frank Lloyd Wright designed, referred to as the temple of play. One of the three big conference center in the country. The annual fair, Texas Expo also held here. On November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States John Kennedy to preparing for a second term activities was assassinated in Dallas. After the assassination site become a memorial square, upright President Kennedy monument in the square.

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