Denver earlier was uninhabited, only the original settlement is established until after gold was discovered in 1858. The capital of Colorado moved from Gordon to this point in 1867, it was a remote small town. Oil and gas drilling in 1975, at that time around rich tycoons, rolled in. In Denver, with thousands of oil company, past soaring skyscrapers, derrick standing outside the city. So Denver had a sudden rise, developing rapidly, and become a famous city in the American Midwest. Suburban built nuclear power plants. Transport hub in the western United States. Article 7 the railway、 several expressways in this intersection. City in the northeast, s&p's international airport. City close to the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains and pleasant climate, city parks, green space, a beautiful environment, a popular tourist attraction. The main cultural and educational facilities are history museum in Colorado, Denver art museum, outdoor amphitheater, and the university of Denver.

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