Juneau, the capital of Alaska, is the most beautiful and most popular city. Blue ice, Snow White, give a person infinite daydream and fantasy of the fairy tale world.

Juneau city hiding in Juneau mountain, Robles mountain and Gastineau Channel, is the biggest capital of the United States in the area. Mendenhall Glacier is the city's most iconic resort, close to the downtown, is located in the edge of residential area. This glacier is located in the internal of Tongass National Forest,who is the largest national forest in U.S, here visitors can watch the spectacular view of iceberg calving falling into Mendenhall lake. Whale-watching trip is also a popular way to visit the region's various marine animal, including the north sea lion, porpoises, killer whales and humpback whales. Juneau region also have some top attractions, including Glacier Bay National Parks and nature reserves, Tracy bay - Fordterra wilderness area and Admiralty Islands National Monument.

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