Miami Seaquarium

On a 38-acre tropical paradise with spectacular skyline views lies a South Florida attraction like no other. Welcome to Miami Seaquarium®, a place where dolphins walk on water and killer whales fly through the air. Where sea lions delight children of all ages and endangered sea turtles and manatees find a safe haven. Enjoy a world-class marine-life entertainment park with eight different marine animal shows and astonishing daily presentations. You've heard the mysterious legends and fascinating facts about dolphins, one of the world's most magnificent marine mammals. Now, you can have a hands-on experience with one of these amazing animals at Dolphin Harbor, the new home to our dolphin interaction programs at Miami Seaquarium.Miami Seaquarium® is a place of inspiration, education - and fun!

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User Comments

claudia montiel 2017-01-22

This place is so out of date. The building looks ready to fall and the entrance price is ridiculously high! The shows are okay. I do like that you can bring your own food into the place. I went in Summer 2016 and as soon as you came in, they had inflatable water slides. That seemed to me like a desperate way to get customers to stay. Needs a total revamp and new ideas.
Joëlle Klazen 2017-01-17

This is the water equivalent of a circus! Animals kept in small cages forced to perform to stay alive. Why are circuses unacceptable, but this is fine? And the argument of education is completely bogus! If you want to educate your children, show them how they live in the wild! Via a documentary or go see them were they belong! These lies they tell about education and research make me so mad!
Charlotte Appleby 2017-01-03

Our family had the best time! It's the perfect size place for seeing everything in one day and was very enjoyable. We will visit again!