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Mike Po 2017-01-15

WOW! COULD IT BE ANY BETTER!? - worth every penny! - great food. All you can eat, all included! Bars everywhere, best quallity alcohol. - tons of places to go and lots of things to do and to see! LOTS OF FUN! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Had a blast at this place. They off an all inclusive day full of casual snorkeling, but the cenotes were cool and the river float was a neat experience. If you're looking for hard core snorkeling this wouldn't be the right place to go. However if you are looking to spend the day hanging out with your family, in and around the water I highly recommend this place! My dad and I did some cliff jumping and played in the ropes course for quite some time my mom and sister are less adventurous but we couldn't get them out of the water either! Great atmosphere and food. They have a lot of things that you can enjoy for a price like the fish pedicure, biking on a line through the jungle and more! Can't wait to go back!!!
Allen Kasapian 2016-12-26

This place is extremely organized is the first thing I need to say. They have everything. Take a bike to the top to ride the lazy river down or snorkel, they have a spot to put all your belongings into a locked bag that they transfer down for you so that you can have everything once you get to the bottom of the river. Food was great. The water wasn't as clear as we thought it would be but it was still a nice to snorkel around a little. They also had cliff jumping ~20 feet high, zip lining into the water and rope climbing. The cave itself was a little disappointing. Nothing to see there other than a bunch of people crammed together in one spot. Most of the other attractions required you to pay for them which I recommend doing at least one of them. They also have cameras and cameramen placed all over the park to take your picture using your wristband which is very convenient.