Luxor Hotel & Casino

Egypt-themed, kitschy casino resort offering outdoor pool, wedding venue & several dining options.

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Marcus Savage 2017-06-12

I visited this hotel on a pretty windy day so the outside was Dusty, but once inside the Hotel was surprisingly nice. The staff was nice and helpful the layout of the hotel was not confusing, although I feel like the parking could be better arranged. I came here to see the Bodies exhibit and gamble a little bit. I manage to do both and I was satisfied with my time spent at Luxor.
charles weathersby 2017-06-11

This place is an excellent place to visit.. As a first time visitor I would visit again. The rooms are clean. The pool area give you a few choices to enjoy your adventure will staying.. The reason is there's not just one pool, you have several pools to choose from... Customer service top notch.. Come have fun enjoy the family, your crew and enjoy the Luxor.
Jamie Hagan 2017-06-11

We came here for the UK, a group of 9 lads and we loved it. All the staff was friendly and walking into the foyer was just eye opening. We upgraded into a room with two Queen size beds a bath to soak in by the window and a separate room to sit in and chill. You could literally play tennis in the bathroom it's that large. All for an extra $29. Totally worth it when you ask me. Yes it did smell like smoke down in the casino, but doesn't all of Vegas? The staff was second to non, we booked a night helicopter flight and found us a proper English pub for the champions league final. All I can say is I'd stay again in a heartbeat.
Quin USS Requin 2017-05-29

Very roomy casino, spacious rooms, and well maintained. Casino smells of tobacco smoke; Hard Rock Hotel covers the odor much better. Rooms have a neutral odor though (: As for cleanliness, I've gone out in the morning, noticing a used room service tray in the hallway; I've come back late in the evening and it was still there. Disrupted the appearance of decent facilities. Overall though, a solid experience. Fourth floor rooms are decently priced for the size.
Katie Hockin 2017-04-28

The Luxor is a pretty nice hotel to stay at if you don't plan on doing a lot of sight seeing near the strip. The room is a bit small with no fridge. (They did offer an upgrade at check-in. But an extra $20 a night for just a fridge? No thanks.) And a mediocre view. It is also pretty far from the heart of the strip. It is easy to get around if you want to visit nearby (Excalibur/MGM Grand/New York, New York) but anywhere further than that is a fairly far walk. The beds are comfortable, dining is okay and the casino has a good layout. However, the pool closes at 7PM. Which is one of the main reasons I'm rating this a 3/5 instead of a 4 or 5. Even staying open until 9 or 10 would make a huge difference. Overall I would recommend this hotel if you are here on business or other matters other than sight seeing. Otherwise, there are other hotels with similar pricing in better locations that I would recommend before the Luxor.