L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon

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Monday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
Friday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 5:00 – 10:00 PM

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User Comments

Jeremiah Ruiz 2018-07-02

From beginning to end. It was a great experience. I would definitely go to JR when I return to Vegas again.
Lola Corrigan 2018-06-21

The most exclusive romantic restaurant in Vegas. In MGM with private entrance. Really nice but very expensive. Gourmet and dressy.
Kathy Gibbs 2018-06-15

I had a fantastic experience at Joël Robuchon. He is famous for winning Michelin's Three Star (highest stars), Forbes Five Stars, and AAA Five Diamond. Those are quite the accomplishments.... The food was absolutely wonderful. We ordered the Degustation menu, which consisted of 17 courses.. everything tasted so good and it had so much variety of tastes and textures. It was amazing on every level. The food was also beautifully presented. It is definitely an experience for your senses. The service is highest of the top class of all star servers. They were operating at exceptional heights. Answered every question and met every single expectation... they never disappoint. Make sure to make your reservation ahead of time.... the list can take quite long. It's not often you get to dine at a 3 Star Michelin's restaurant... and if it is often for you, then keep living your best life! This dinner is a perfect one-of-a-kind experience. The decor is absolutely stunning. The type of stuff that is perfect for the gram and to snap. It's such an amazing experience! Definitely not inexpensive, but it's hands down worth every single cent!
Ashley Brunelle 2018-06-11

I chose to dine here as a late mothers day present as its something my mother has always dreamt of doing. We were told she couldn't do the prefixed vegetarian menu unless we both ordered a pre fixed meal. As a picky eater just trying to do this for my mother I was unimpressed. I asked if we could do anything so my mother could enjoy the prefixed menu she desired without my having to order food I had no interest in consuming. Justin our server told us directly no because the chefs will not allow the dishes to be fragmented where one person has dishes and the other does not as it alters the dining experience. I said I understand but accept I would be without food and had no interest in sharing any of her dishes and would be fine with the offset dining because it was all about my mothers experience. He still insisted it was impossible. I opted for a delicious one course meal of hanger steak and the food was amazing. My mother got the 4 course meal so we still 3 rounds of her getting food and me getting nothing which contradicts Justin's explanation of not allowing a fragmented dining experience. However the icing on the cake of this 'dining experience' was watching the condescending server Justin later talk about the exchange within earshot to another server using less than ideal wording. Needless to say I am very displeased. His exact quote during our exchange was it's not about the price it's about the experience and he surely did ruin the experience to say the least. Fortunately due to the exchange he rarely came back to check in and had another server do so and she was lovely so thank you to Rachel for semi salvaging the experience from Justin's condescension and attitude. I pray nobody else experiences anything like this at this establishment
Andrew Bestafka 2018-06-06

Since my last experience at Joel's, I've been some places and had some meals. The result is that I simply was not as dazzled by Joel this time around. The entrees were gourmet and delicious but others out there put together a better overall dining experience. And, frankly, without charging as much. The price simply isn't warranted anymore. Although, still, his desserts are as amazing to behold as they are to eat. They are delicious, crafted, works of art that are definitely created by a master. The bread selection is phenomenal, diverse, flavorful, and each is better than the last. It is nice they the chef is generous with both.
James Joubert 2018-01-05

If you enjoy world class dining and you can handle the fare this is a must do bucket list experience. Do your homework and plan ahead but above all enjoy!
Ferry Gondo 2017-11-05

Right from the moment we stepped our feet into the dining room, the aura and vibe of luxury and posh started to embrace us into a majestic and marvelous dining hall inside one of the most iconic casino at The Strip. The showcase of classic and modern French culinary skills were displayed at each dish arrived at our table. The surprise began when the bread trolley came in, yes, a bread trolley. Definitely, not our usual bread service at a restaurant. Such a pleasure to see a range of French baguettes and pastries delivered right to our table to pick and enjoy before the full course started to kick in. What I loved most was the lobster tortellini with truffle. The pasta encasing the delicious little morsels inside was perfectly cooked. The lobster mousse inside exuded fresh seafood flavor which was nicely encapsulated by the earthy truffle sauce and shavings. Think about elegant surf and turf. The dessert that resembled a lemon was fun to eat. Once the outer lemon shell cracked, there was this delicate cream inside. Really pretty to see, fun to eat, and memorable to reminiscent. At the end, there was another trolley, yes, a trolley of little sweets and morsels to magically finish the already fairy tale dinner at the grand restaurant. Truly memorable experience.
cherry wong 2017-09-25

Friendly people, great service. Lovely tasting menu. Not sure why the low reviews here. The decor was stunning, given its location. It didn't feel like it was inside a casino at all. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing, perfect to enjoy a wonderful meal.
Iam IronBuggy 2017-09-25

Friendly people, great service. Lovely tasting menu. Not sure why the low reviews here. The decor was stunning, given its location. It didn't feel like it was inside a casino at all. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing, perfect to enjoy a wonderful meal.
Jennifer Maldonado 2017-09-25

My husband and I travel to Las Vegas, Nevada five to six times per year, and have been trying to get into Joel Robuchon's restaurant for over two years. We finally were successful in receiving a reservation on September 17, 2017. In spending over $1,000.00 for dinner for the two of us that evening our experience was less desirable. Although we enjoyed the taste of the food, our service was very disappointing. We travel all over the country, and have eaten at the finest restaurants and have never received the service we experience that night. Our drinks came out after the 2nd course. No one came to check to see if we were enjoying the food, which came in courses. We were placed in a corner of the restaurant and forgotten. A regular couple came in about an hour after we had been seated, and you would have thought they were royalty by the way they were treated. In owning several businesses and restaurants this practice of over greeting should be standard to all at this level. We left the restaurant without receiving our final desert and coffee. Again to reinforce the fact that we had been forgotten. The couple that came an hour after us, left before us, and were greeted repeatedly by all the staff including the chef. What makes matters even worse is the General Manager was working the restaurant that night. There are many 5 star choices within walking distance on the Las Vegas Strip, and we have eaten at most of them, where staff know us by name. Including the Altier restaurant also owned by Joel Robuchon. We have only eaten there once, and the employees know us by a first name basis. If this were my restaurant I would re-evaluate the current staff and make drastic changes.