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User Comments

Andrew Castillo 2018-06-26

Messy eating and they're encouraging and prepared for it. If you like Cajun flavor and crawfish or shrimp, and you're not afraid to shell your food, then this is the place to eat. Delicious appetizers as well- can't recommend the corn fritters enough! They supply you with gloves, apron, paper towels, and the table cloth is disposable so you don't need to worry about making a mess.
Tyson Washburn 2018-06-21

Ample portions. Good service. A little more pricey than I thought it would be. Not much crab in the combo dishes.
Tori Coleman 2018-06-18

Didn’t understand the sweet undertone of the sauce that my seafood boil was in. I ordered a high level of spice but there was only an initial heat and then sweet. The seafood was bland and over cooked the only way to have seasoning is to use the sauce in the bag. This is definitely a different take on a seafood boil, not Louisiana inspired at all. Sorry I just don’t like sweet Cajun food, label me confused
Candace Rossvanes 2018-06-13

I always love eating here. Food is amazing. The options of flavors to choose from are excellent. Most places like this have a problem keeping menu items stocked, but rarely has that happened here. I would definitely recommend eating here, especially if you love seafood and crawdads. Tables for 1 to 10 people are easily accommodated. They have a great beer selection too.
Monterey Jack 2018-05-05

Decent get away in the nicer suburbs of Vegas. Silverado shopping center. Food pretty good
Rue Girl 2018-04-20

This place is awesome! The food is absolutely fabulous! Better than every restaurant we went to while visiting. Excellent staff and well priced! Skip the high end expensive options and give tbis place a try? You wont regret it!
R Jason Townsend 2018-04-12

Fantastic place. I grew up with Cajun style crawfish and po'boys. This place nailed it
Jeramy Woodard 2018-03-20

Great food and good service. Food came pretty fast and overall we had no complaints. Atmosphere was nice and even the music was nice. No military discounts available but hell the food was worth almost every penny.
Genise Lagunas 2018-02-25

The shrimps were really good and pretty big. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't spicy at all. I ordered hot and juicy extra spicy and I expected it to be extra spicy but nope. Bummer. I think they might of change the recipe or something. Wasn't worth $120 this time. Maybe next time I'll just go to the one in China town.
Krista Zimmerman 2018-02-20

I am torn between 4 and 5 stars. Would give 4.5 if that was an option. Service was amazing, I'm really shocked by the bad reviews there because everyone was friendly, helpful, and kind. However, I agree that the Crawfish are a terrible deal because they're all shell and very hard to open up and even when you do there's almost nothing in them. I was warned in the reviews, to be fair, but I wanted a pound just for the experience. And for the hot and Juicy sauce, even baby spice is pretty dang spicy. The show stopper for me was the corn, of all things. The corn and hot and Juicy sauce is unbelievably. We ordered extra pieces after our meal arrived. HIGHLY recommend adding corn to your meal. The shrimp were really good. We got it in just the garlic sauce and would dip them in the craw daddy hot and Juicy sauce. Finally we got the catfish poboy. I wasn't a fan of the catfish but husband liked it. I have never had catfish before so I can't tell you if it is the fish or the prep but it tasted Sandy. Either way wonderful experience and we had a lot of fun!
Terri Taylor 2018-02-05

They've gotten very expensive since they ate now in multiple locations and everything is ala carte.
Lucie Morris 2018-01-21

Ok, we are local and Hot and Juicy Crawfish is one of our favorite restaurants BUT I have to say that tonight we have left disappointed and are not sure if we will be coming back... We ordered Cajun calamari for a starter... The waitress brought us normal calamari. When we said that these do not appear to be Cajun she said she will put some more seasoning ...The when she brought them back the calamari were already cold.. We also ordered the Get your feet wet and mussels... everything was overcooked.. the shrimp was mushy and the Crawfish tasted like it was sitting in a freezer for a long time and picked up the "freezer smell". Normally we fight over who gets more mussels but not today as they were also overcooked and tasted funny... Let's just say the meal was not worth the money and I wish we have given our business to some other place
Nancy Ruiz 2017-12-19

This is my favorite place for dinner! It's a place where you're going to get a little messy so don't wear white lol. My favorite dishes are the black mussels, shrimp, and snow crab! Service is great! I go there a few times every month.
miriam merlo 2017-12-13

Went there for my birthday for the very first time and it was awesome I had the the hot and juicy crab legs with the shrimp on the side and I had it like and I can do spice but I had this at like a fairly minimal spice like it. I think it was at 2 and that was more than enough there was so much food that it looked like we were feeding and the National Guard and then still we took home so much food it was delicious I mean oh my God it was delicious I it's hard to render me speechless about food and I think this place pretty much did it I mean so so so good that I think I told probably everybody I run into about it and that if anybody's birthday was coming up I was taking them there so I would definitely go back and going back going to go back and I'm going back again 5 out of 5 stars and Back Again
Kesha Jackson 2017-11-22

Clean, great staff and delicious food!
ross bulda 2017-09-24

I like this place out of the four in Vegas. The people here are sooo nice :)
Leah Townsie 2017-09-04

Tried it out for the first time and it was a hit for us. We got the "feet wet" and a lb of snow crab with the mild seasoning. Bit much for kids even at a mild, we will do the next step down next time. Price was expected for seafood. Service was good and we didn't wait long even at a pretty busy time.
Kimberly Butler 2016-11-28

Called in an order for 1 lb of shrimp. I got home and decided to sit down and eat. My shrimp were mushy and soft like lard. It was sticking to the shell which tells me something was wrong. I called and a young lady answered the phone. I explained to her my situation. She said that because I picked my order up later than 15 minutes that it was a result of sitting in the sauce. I have had all sorts of shrimp and I've never heard that you have to eat them right away or they become mushy like mashed potatoes. I looked on the internet and researched mushy shrimp and it stated that the shrimp were old, thawed and refrozen, shrimp going bad. Instead of doing something about it the young lady blamed the BAD SHRIMP ORDER on myself. I have been to hot n juicy numerous of time and never have I had a batch of shrimp such as this one. So eat there at your own risk(Decatur n spring mtn). They won't get the chance to ponder off their bad shrimp on me again.
Jauan LkMarquis 2016-10-14

Tonight My Father And I Had Dinner Here At Hot N Juicy For The First Time. The Staff Was Very Friendly. We Both Had Never Eaten Crawfish Before, They Were More Than Happy To Show Us How To Peel And Eat Them. Overall Great Establishment, Great And Welcoming Environment. The Seasoning Was A Bit Bland, Maybe My Level Spice Wasn't High Enough. But Definitely Will Be Coming Back In The Future. Thank You