Boca Raton Helicopters

Have you ever dreamt about seeing the area of West Palm Beach from the bird's perspective? Don't miss the chance and book in advance.

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jose bustos 2016-02-12

Excellent experience I did eat with my friend and we never forgot it
Jean Tuck 2014-12-12

Worst customer service. Don't waste your time.
Dalya Shimonovitc 2013-06-13

Probably the best experience ever! Great customer service, tried to book with other companies, Palm beach helicopters, Florida Coast to Coast and either were friendly and as helpful in making this such a great experience like Boca Raton Helicopters. I will definitely recommend this company and will definitely be back!!
Andrew Cardona 2013-03-08

Terrible customer service. My girlfriend tried to surprise me by booking a flight for the two of us. When we went to check in for our flight, the front desk staff, (Izra?) was very rude and was not helpful. Then as we tried to contact the individual who scheduled the flight for us, told my girlfriend that he had forgotten, it wasn't marked on the "calendar", and that the helicopters were in Arkansas. Needless to say, I will do my best to avoid this company and take my business elsewhere.