ETC Dessert Cafe

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Karl Dusenbery 2017-05-18

Got the toast with fruit toppings. Could have been better bread, but it was still delicious.
Kwon Jeong 2017-02-02

Good honey bread, accepts credit and open till late at night
Margaret Irene 2016-12-29

Took my mother for her Birthday on November 14th. Amazing Tea Party. Service was great even though the place was super busy. Food was fresh and good. Quiche And The Scones Were delicious. I will definitely be back.
Zella Linda 2016-11-24

This is a cool little tea house, I can see people enjoy their afternoon tea with a piece of cake. Yet they have no vegan foods and music is pretty loud and busy. So it's not the ideal place for me to concentrate (e.g. Reading or writing) but ideal for hanging out with friends.
1919 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA
+1 415-533-3312