Seattle Aquarium

The heartbeat of hands-on marine experience and preservation education in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Aquarium offers fun, exciting ways to discover more about the amazing Puget Sound that surrounds you! Join us in our mission: Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.

Driving Direction

University St -> 7 min walk
Westlake Hub -> 8 min walk

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User Comments

Cliff Van Sickel 2016-12-25

I'm a big fan of marine life and the Seattle Aquarium does a pretty nice job at what they do. I have been to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Vancouver Aquarium, the Sydney Aquarium, and a handful of smaller "aquariums" that are like collections of aquatic life on display for the public. The Seattle Aquarium is on the smaller side and they don't have a lot of larger animals like whales or sharks, but that's okay because what they do have is a good glimpse of the Puget Sound. Our local water way is on display for all to see and they do such a good job of educating children and adults alike about the ecosystem right in our own "backyard". A few of our favorite things from our recent visit on 12/22... The tide pools are one of the favorites for children and adults. You can get your hands wet and put a finger on starfish, anemones, sea cucumbers, and a few other critters. Compare yourself to the six gill shark. The research team of the Seattle Aquarium has a job to research the six gill shark population in our wonderful Puget Sound. The aquarium usually has a volunteer or staff member available to share what they know about this elusive species in the sound. The Dome! I'm just going to call it "The Dome" because that's what it is. The Seattle Aquarium has a salmon fishery type of operation going on with a fish ladder and spawning salmon in the dome. Along with the salmon they have halibut, stergeon, rock fish, and many other local species of fish inside the dome.