Olympic Sculpture Park

Driving Direction

Seattle Center -> 8 min walk

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User Comments

Pratibha Rawat 2016-12-22

Gorgeous park with unique sculptures and great views of Puget Sound. This place is good for running, biking and dog walking. Ample place for dogs to play. Also, you can see cargo ships sailing by.
Brandie Jones 2016-11-12

Peaceful park with unique sculptures. There's a nice walkway that connects you to the waterfront by a bridge which shows beautiful views of Puget Sound and the gorgeous mountain range's. There are also events and performance's held here. Great place to sit and sun watch.
Sir Kent 2016-10-23

Beautiful views at this open air museum. I wish I could get here during the warmer months. They have concerts on the steps coming into the park. Walking along the water on the edge of the park never gets old. I really do think security needs to be armed here though. The sculptures are modern and meant to be interpreted. I would be surprised if everyone arrives at the same end. Be careful of the "City Dwellers" (People who can still afford to live in Seattle) whizzing by on their backs or out for a run.