Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino

See several unique oldtimers and privately owned exclusive classical cars housed in this hotel resort. A must for all fans of cars.

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Bill Gartner 2017-02-03

We Love our room & air package offers especially for winter getaways from our home in northern Colorado(Fort Collins). We don't get the offers as often as we used to even though we still gamble as much as always when we're there. I think Riverside has expanded their air programs to other areas. So we have to plan trips to go to other casino areas. Oh well, it's not like we win much at Riverside anyway, & these days there are plenty of Casinos everywhere. Just over an hours drive to the Casinos in Blackhawk & Central City Colorado, and the same if not better payouts without the airport hassles etc.

I always love staying here, awesome casino, so big you can get lost. Good food. Buffet has a spectacular view of the river. Movie theater with a bar. Always fun
kdkaos 2016-12-06

Worst experience ever. Do not go here. The pit manager for the blackjack tables was very rude to me and everyone at the table for no reason. Then the dealer made a mistake of not dealing a card for one of the players. We weren't given a choice of how we wanted to proceed with the mistake made by the dealer. It was only when one of the players threatened to sue the casino for fraud that the pit manager decided to give us our money back for the mistake. After this, the dealer made another mistake of not giving me back the correct cash out amount. Just unprofessional and a rude bunch of associates. Avoid at all costs. I REPEAT... Do not go here.