Highlands Golf Course

The 18-hole championship course is known for its gently rolling terrain with carefully planted holes.

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Drew Schulenberg 2016-12-04

Highlands is an extreamly fun track. The course is well kept. There are some areas of the course which are huge birdie oppritunities. The staff is helpful and cheery. There is some great instructors out at highlands. There is a tee box for all levels of golf. If it is windy and im talking about anything above 13 MPH highlands becomes a very difficult course. There is an airport to the side of the course which depending on who you are may be a bonus or a disadvantage. Love this course and keep coming back.
Brian Reitz 2016-08-12

The couse is fun and can be really challenging due to persistent high winds. My main dispute is the grounds keepers. Apparently them mowing is a far greater importance than getting out of the way. Countless times I've had to hold up play because they simply won't get off landing areas. They just keep going back and forth mowing and not moving away to the side like most competent grounds keepers. Had greens keepers start replacing hole locations and pitch marks during approach shots to the greens, holding up play for 10-15 minutes while I'm 150 out. I've filed complaints to Casey, the head superintendent last year, nothings changed except my willingness to spend money at highlands.
z Hitch 2016-07-09

Great golfing and plenty of tee times!
Brooklyn W 2016-06-21

A few of the staff at the pool are disrespectful. A great, clean pool. However a couple rude staff makes the experience a waste of money.
Kyle McLaughlin 2016-06-13

Nice course, not too difficult but can definitely be challenging with the sustained and gusting winds