Actually the Broadway is a stretch of the avenue, south to the Battery Park, through the Manhattan island in New York City from south to north.Due to the lots of theatres on both sides of this avenue, it is the important cradle of the drama and musical in U.S, therefore become the synonym of the American drama and musical.The theatres of 44th St to 53th St on Broadway is called In Broadway, the theatres of 41th St to 53th St is called Off Broadway, the performance of In Broadway is some classic, popular, commercial play,but the performance of Off Broadway is a few experimental, unknown, low-cost play.


Tickets:every theatre has its own website, can buy tickets, also can buy from New York City government website addition, the ticket office of Times Square (TKTS) will be sold at very low price of today surplus tickets,but need to wait in line. Some plays will be discount or buy cheap tickets in the form of a lottery, specifically go to the

Driving Direction

Subway: Times Square station / 42nd St station (1, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, R, S line).

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