Maverick Theater

Small theater and comedy club with a homey feel to it. Its theater company belongs to the best in the county.

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Dan D. 2017-01-25

Fun fun fun. A little community theater that is a labor of love for the owner. If you're looking for a good laid back play, this is your place. They serve drinks before the play if you so desire.
Irene Scott 2017-01-17

Very intimate setting for theater. But they put on high quality productions that are worth going to.
Elvin P. Miali 2016-11-16

Saw Night of the Living Dead here. One of the best experiences I've had at local theater. Highly recommended.
Robert Bayles 2016-08-09

Very cute small theater. We watched Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde there and it was amazing! Only seats about 60 people. Plenty of parking by the metro station. Can't wait to go back and watch "The man who shot Liberty Valance."