Pla Mor Ballroom

Your typical ballroom with tradition since 1920s. Used to host many big band legends and thus has become a legend itself, too.

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Rick Peitzmeier 2016-01-25

I went there last night for Country Sunday, I was there having a great time cause I love to dance and my friends were kicked out because they were kissing too much, I tried to reason with the Old Man who I am taking is the owner and told them they wont do it again and he snapped at me and asked if I wanted to leave as well. I will never go to this place again and will warn everyone I know to stick to Omaha because that Old Man is the most ruder person I have ever met.
Callie Knapp 2013-03-13

When my husband and I started our search for the venue of our wedding reception the Pla Mor Ballroom was a suggestion I heard a lot, so we decided to check it out. It only took one visit, I was sold. Every bride has a vision of their wedding and I don't think there could have been a better blank canvas to paint my vision than the Pla Mor Ballroom. The age and the history of the building alone gives it a feeling that no other local Reception Hall could replace. Its massive space and amenities, including a beautiful grand dance floor with a built in stage, just draws guest to their feet. The massive size of the venue gave me the space for: food buffets, gift and guest book tables, kids fun area, candy bar, cake tables and room for a photo booth. Not to mention the wide open dance floor, mass amount of guest tables and booths, and a full bar that comes complete with Pla Mor's own bartenders, for no extra charge! But the main reason for writing this review is to not only tell you what an amazing space The Pla Mor Ballroom is, but to let readers know you will never find a more involved, caring staff at any other venue. Planning a wedding is stressful business and to have someone looking out for you is something every bride needs! Mike, the General Manager, not only walked us through all the rental policies, but also took a genuine interest in my wedding plans and wanted to help make my vision com true. He gave welcomed helpful suggestions for floor plans, decorations and setup. He even recommended local vendors for other needs. Mike was always welcoming and allowed us to stop by on more than one occasion for test setups. And when the big day came he was there bright and early to help with anything he could. To have that care and commitment by a venue was one of the major comforts I could not have done without that day. Because Mike and his staff cared for us as people not just customers, we could trust that we were going to be taken care of so we could enjoy the night of our dreams. We want to say a special Thank You to all at the Pla Mor, especially Mike for making our night so special! Please keep the Pla Mor Ballroom in mind for your next event!! I guarantee a night to remember! A classic dancefloor full of so many good memories, I'm glad our first dance was on that classic Ballroom floor!
Sherry Knapp 2013-02-26

My son planned his wedding reception at the Pla Mor last spring. During the planning process we found out about the ballroom dance lessons offered there. We signed up and had a marvelous time and learned so much. The huge floor was a perfect place to learn. When we finalized the details for the reception, Mike bent over backward to make sure everything was just as our kids wanted. The night of the wedding, the ballroom looked like a page out of a wedding idea book! Thanks for helping to make that weekend a lifetime memory!
Allison Leimer 2013-02-26

All through my undergraduate years at UNL, Pla Mor was my absolutely favorite place to be on a Sunday night, and I definitely became a 'regular.' I didn't even know how to country dance as a freshman when I started going, but people are more than willing to teach you how to line dance, swing dance, or two-step. This is the only place with a big enough dance floor to do all three. The live bands are always really good and they always play great songs to dance too, so even if you just want to go and enjoy country music, its a good place to go. The atmosphere is amazing, and I have been to a couple of special events/receptions at Pla Mor, and the servers are always really nice and everything always looks great! Definitely recommend if you are looking for a place to dance or to just hang out and listen to some great country music! Now that I've moved back to the area, I'll probably become a 'regular' again! Can't wait!