A characteristic fun restaurant to eat out at, the joint specialises itself in producing the best burgers in town.

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i theenigma 2017-03-13

Love the burgers. Juicy and succulent. Wife had the veggo (Bun Laden) and it was awesome too. Be prepared for a 15 min wait. The staff are friendly and they turn orders around pretty quickly. Stop by this iconic place if you're in Queenstown!
Sanjeev Gambhir 2017-02-24

Different experience of eating burger while standing in line for 30 min. and ordering and further wait of 10-15 min when you finally get your burger. After so much of waiting, you don't get disheartened. The burger is really delicious and would recommend everyone visiting Queenstown to try this amazing experience. Vegetarian burger options to my surprise were even better than their regular burgers. One burger is enough to meet the requirement of person with good appetite.