Splashdown Quaywest

Fabulous tumbling rides situated on England's beautiful coast - and the beach is just around the corner.

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Will Down 2017-02-05

Really awesome park wanna go again and hopefully it will be more fun
Imogen Norman 2017-02-05

Hey! This place is great! Or "sick" as the teens say! The rides were exhilarating and the queue wasn't absolutely terrible. People pushed in rudely and would not apologise. That it their sole fault. Not Splashdown. The facilities were dark. Could be more lit up. We met a lovely family waiting for the gates to open. I ❤ the devil's drop! So cool. Even the parent adults screamed! It was very safe. The ring rides are so funny! I'm quite small so I nearly fell through the ring!
Rob Maybery 2016-08-14

Great fun, even is the sun is not shining the wetsuit hire allows you to make the most of it whatever the weather. Can get very busy with UK and foreign student excursions but the queues go down faster than you would expect, overall money well spent. Area for family members who do not want to partake to sit in the sun and get something to drink/eat if they wish to do so.