Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

The park's breeding rare animals:

White tigers: As the most precious animals in white animals, White tigers are a variation population formed by the genetic mutation.The existing number of artificial breeding white tigers is only around 200-300.

White lionss: Aare tropical wildlife, native to Africa.3 head white young lions were found for the first time in Africa in 1975.Only male and female lions with white lion's gene maybe breed white young lion, nowadays, artificial feeding white lions is only around 30-40 in the world.

Other rare animals: panthers, golden tigers, leopards.

In addition, Dolphin Hall with the storage capacity of 9500 cubic meters, freeding the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, and often has the dolphin show.


Adults: $15 , children(4-12):$10 ,children (under the age of 3): free.

Business Hour

Monday - Friday: 11:00-17:30.

Saturday - Sunday(including major holidays): 10:00-17:30.

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