Yonge-Dundas Square Toronto

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Blue Chan 2016-11-02

Nothing really special about this open venue. An uncle of mine used to own a bakery in this triangular piece of land on Dundas Square and Victoria St. He tried a new concept which sadly didn't take off in the 80's but it's quite common place to see now in local grocery stores. His shop was called, "Croissant House" where he made unconventional and unheard of options for croissants back then. Basically anything you can think of as a sandwich using typical bread he remade using croissants. But it didn't end there, he drizzled chocolate and fruit glazes over them as desserts. Sadly he wasn't opened for long. And now even the supermarkets are selling chocolate drizzled croissants almost 40 years after he did it. As for the actual square itself now. Its an open space which people think is a public space, but it's not really as it does have rules which govern the use of said space. One such rule is, no proselytizing, no politics, and no religion of any sort. The use of the square is open to all and any who follow it's rules. So the church group singing and praising about their god a few months ago tried to sue the square for quashing their celebrations, but under the rules... singing about your god or his/her achievements falls under proselytizing.
Rishab Pendharkar 2016-11-02

Really live and happening place! Must visit. Has great places to grab a bite and go shopping. Eaton Centre is next door offers great verity of shops ranging all the way from Electronics to the latest fashion trends. Also the place is very easy to access via subway. Live concerts take place frequently in the evenings! Friday's are the best days to visit.