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Mango 2018-07-19

A beautiful lake throughout all seasons of the year. Make sure to come early in the morning as the parking spots near the lake get filled up pretty quickly. The best time of year to come see the lake's majestic turqoise colour is to go after all the glacier ice has melted, which is usually somewhere around July or August, but it depends on each year. It get quite crowded by the lake but it's manageable and you can get really nice photos as well. You can also rent a canoe or go hiking around the lake for even better views.
Andreas Biedenbach 2018-07-07

Beautiful lake, the color is amazing. We had to take the free shuttle from the overflow parking since lake parking was full. I recommend that you bring your own food and water, otherwise you will only have the hotel as the sole option to buy something there. We didn’t rent a canoe, but it looks like a very nice option.
Amanda Sharples 2018-06-21

What can you say about Lake Louise other than Wow! Such beauty is breathtaking. We visited in early June and it was still very touristy, lots of people and a little challenging to get good photos without people in them. Be persistent it's worth it. There are a lot of great trails but be aware, they are VERY steep but the view is spectacular.
J Mac 2018-06-21

Ok so you know this is a popular beautiful lake. You know it will be crowded. You know parking will be difficult. So here are some tips: leave EARLY or get there after 7pm. You should find parking then. Or take the shuttle if you're not pressed for time. Wonderful photo opportunities. There are restrooms right next to the parking lot and the hotel has food. If you don't like tourists then take some pics and go up the trail to Lake Agnes and then the Beehive trail. Less people will hike uphill. It's quieter and beautiful. See the pics. You should go though, amazing natural site.
T J Tan 2018-06-21

We were lucky with the weather at the time when we visited the lake, clear blue sky made so much different to what you see in the front of your eyes. Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It's so beautiful and mind-blowing, it's so magical as well. It's a lifetime experience. It's so picturesque, I couldn't enough clicking my camera shutter's button. It's definitely one of the most amazing places in the world. Don't miss it.
Adam Checketts 2018-04-13

Again and again this stop is awesome. Maybe some day I'll get to stay at the Chateau!! An iconic, beautiful spot. A must for any holiday if you are passing through the area.
Mohsen Vafadoost 2018-03-17

The scene from the deck is one of a kind. Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The spectacular view lake surrounded with the mountains full of trees is not a normal scene. Beautiful and unique no matter the weather or season. If your are visiting during winter don’t miss the Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival.
David Zicho 2018-01-09

Landmark scenery of Canada. You can see this spot on the cover page of tourist catalogues. With a reason. One of the most intense and breathtaking landscape in the Rockies. I cant compare this to anything. Breathtaking it is. I recommend the tours up to the angel pond and tea house.