Dunkin' Donuts

Business Hour

Monday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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User Comments

Kim Gagnon 2018-02-07

I love Dunkin donuts.... My free rewards coffee sometimes disappear so make sure you always ask for your receipt.
Nikki Nadolny 2018-02-07

Today I was SCREAMED at by the manager named Debbie Howe because I was “ordering too fast” and apparently she couldn’t put it in the computer that fast. Instead of asking me to slow down she said “UH EXCUSE ME I CANT TYPE THAT FAST” literally screaming at me. we then pulled out of line and drove around the building to exit the drive thru. As we were pulling around she was standing at the drive thru window screaming at us. We went inside to order and were going to speak to a manager, much to my surprise SHE IS A MANAGER. Extremely unprofessional, rude, and LOUD. I’ll be contacting another manager at a later time to hopefully speak to the owner or someone who isn’t going to blow me off simply because she’s a manger. The one positive about our trip was that Victoria at the counter was extremely helpful and pleasant after such a terrible experience I really appreciated her customer service
xXPFBXx Kotara 2018-02-04

Always good. Always clean
MP emoKiba 2018-01-29

Always ontop of the order, staff is very nice and curtious to customers.
Tiffany Clark 2018-01-22

very rude employees. husband ordered a hot coffee (cold january morning), was almost given an iced coffee. he politely said "oh, this was supposed to be hot". she pulled back the coffee, sighed, rolled her eyes, never apologized and then didnt give him a receipt. were we charged for iced? name was jenna (short, brown up do, with glasses) or something close. honestly couldnt tell because she didnt say anything more than the total and was too busy complaining to her fellow employees about who knows what. not the first employee to be rude to us. will stop going.
will Mert 2018-01-21

Hermon maine Staff here is what makes this Dunkin stand out..Very good.
Jennifer Whitten 2018-01-17

The lady had no idea how to answer my questions about the app. I had way more money on card but when it scanned it didn't show up She was also rude about. They don't train people about the app and that made it hard. I had to pay cash and didn't get my points earned which just makes me not even bother to use the app or spend my money at Dunkin.
Vanessa Leavitt 2017-12-27

Cashier Lindsay was not polite at all and couldn't even be bothered to hand me my coffee. I had to reach across and get it myself. Customer service is non-existent at this location. Will not return.
Paul Villeneuve 2017-11-26

This place needs to be cleaned a bit. It's a fine space for people needing to get out of the cold, plus free WiFi.
Benjamin Meiklejohn 2017-10-27

Always deals on donuts, workers down to earth, wifi service.
Ralph Maley 2017-10-13

Quick service and very friendly staff
Brittany Levesque 2017-10-13

One of the better dunkin but you need to be very specific about what you want and be willing to wait they are super busy
Jean Gagné 2017-10-12

Order on the go isn't ready most of the time. I order before the typical allow time as well. Then received my cup with cover 1/2 off another time
DontTreadOnMeXXX 2017-10-01

When you say you open at 5 a.m., open at 5 a.m. . Some people are on a schedule. Might be time to go Tim Norton's. At least they are all open 24 hours everywhere. Come to Bangor Krispy Kreeme!! Then all dirty run down D&D's in the area will have to shut down. Fact.
Mea Myers 2017-09-24

It's hard to rate this, the staff really were working as fast and dilagantly as they could. But it was just to many customers for such small workers. We had to wait 45 mins for three egg and cheese wraps.
Eli Mr. Gagnier 2017-09-11

If I owned this place. I would fire everyone starting with the rude manager this morning very unprofessional and yelled at me when I get to the window. after repeating order several times they still didn't get the order right. Never been so insulted at a drive thru and get attitude for the staff not able to understand simple orders. I will never be back and telling everyone to do the same.