Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey-san and his coterie of Disney characters entertain here at Tokyo Disneyland the same way they do in the California and Florida Disney parks. When the park was built in 1983 it was much smaller than its counterparts in the United States, but the construction in 2001 of the adjacent DisneySea and its seven "Ports of Call," all with different nautical themes and rides, added more than 100 acres to this multifaceted Magic Kingdom.

There are several types of admission tickets. Most people buy the One-Day Passport (¥6,900), which gives you unlimited access to the attractions and shows at one or the other of the two parks. See the park website for other ticketing options. You can buy tickets in advance from any local travel agency, such as the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB).


1-Day Passport / 2-Day Passport:
Adults: JPY 7,400 / JPY 13,200
Seniors (65 and over): JPY 6,400
Juniors (12-17): JPY 6,400/ JPY 11,600
Children (4-11): JPY 4,800 / JPY 8,600

There are also tickets for three and four days available, check the website for specific information.

Business Hour

General opening hours: daily: between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. - between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The opening hours vary according to the season – see the website for exact times.

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User Comments

Mechelle Walker 2017-01-03

This was by far our best "Disney" experience to date! Disney Tokyo was immaculate. I mean you could literally eat off the floor! The Disney Tokyo park staff worked tirelessly to keep the place meticulously clean. It's most definitely a cultural thing as the Japanese take pride in everything they do. Cleanliness is a priority. The park food was absolutely amazing if you care for local flavors, which we most definitely do! They serve up some very unique things that you will not find anywhere else. Namely, uniquely flavored popcorn such as: Milk Tea, Shoyu (Soysauce) and Butter, Honey, Salted, Curry, Caramel and Chocolate. They serve the popcorn up in the cutest containers that you can purchase for an additional fee. The lines are always long...but it's worth the wait! Then there's park food like Gyoza and Bao Buns. The rides are not unlike you'd find stateside. Queues are quick and rides are easily accessible. The park was easy to navigate and signs are in English. Staff was very accommodating and everyone speaks English. Though I would encourage you to try speak Japanese as the Japanese are very appreciative of the effort!
Jason Toh 2016-12-31

Most of the attractions are the same as Disneyland in the US. What spoils things are the queues. Wait times for the big attractions are over an hour. Kids loved it though which makes it worth it in the end.
Daniel McAssey 2016-12-14

It was amazing, made me feel like a kid again. A lot of fun for all ages.