Ristorante Taberna Patrizi e Plebei

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This restaurant is garbage. Avoid it. It even says on the menu that half of the mains including all the pizzas are frozen and heated up. What you should do is go home and get a frozen pizza on the way and heat it up yourself, that way you won’t have to pay ridiculous prices not have to deal with piss on toilet seats and no toilet paper in the toilets (forgot to mention that earlier).
Enosh Zerahia 2018-02-17

BEWARE OF THE GREATEST TOURIST TRAP IN ROME! An expensive restaurant with awful quality of food and awful service. We had to wait 20 minutes till a waitress came to us. Then when we made our order they suggested a shared course (for two diners) and a bread. The first course, plate of cheeses and salami with bread, was ok.. but then the main course arrived - lack of taste, cold, and one of them with hair. Because it took a while to receive the dishes we decided not to complain in front of the waitress and just eat the food. But then the main shock arrived. After eating the whole meal and expecting a reasonable price, the bill came, awful. The first course was a wast of 28€! (for the bread and the plate of cheeses and salami), two glasses of Coke for 4€ each, the main dishes with the price we’ve expected, and 10% for service. We had to pay 70€ for a meal that should cost 40€ tops! A painful and a hard lesson we had to go through by this awful “restaurant” (if I may call it) YOU SHOULD BEWARE OF THAT RESTAURANT AND NOT BE DINED IN THERE EVEN IF THERE’S NO OTHER SOLUTION!

I first knew about this place through a vegan's Instagram. It was my first day in the city and I thought it would be a good thing to go to a place I already knew there *would be at least one vegan option*. Once I got there, the lady - very rude - told me the only option would be to have a salad. The picture I saw was of pasta with tomato sauce and basil - pretty basic. Once I asked her again she said I could have spaghetti with tomato sauce. Just to be sure, I asked if the spaghetti wasn't made with eggs and I was informed it was a pasta bought at the supermarket - which it is ok - but since some pasta at the supermarket is also made with eggs, I asked her again and she said she didn't know and she wouldn't look the ingredients in package to be sure. I knew it would be hard to have nice vegan meals in Italy, but it is so much harder when you have to deal with unfriendly and rude people. I'd rather eat plain bread than have to enter that place again.
nikos verginas 2017-12-16

I think this is not one of the best restaurants in Rome. if I had a second chance I wouldn’t give them a try( as per the sign outside of the restaurant). The pizza wasn’t Italian. Carbonara was not made with eggs as per description. The basement had a weird smell. The prices were high for the quality of the food and taste. Beware of the prices which do not include 10% tax fee. The staff was helpful though and the area is highly touristic, as a result we shouldn’t expect something special in the first place.
Via del Lavatore, 36, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
+39 06 678 3259