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Sunday: 6:00 – 10:00 PM

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User Comments

EJ Kowal 2018-01-02

Got in at 6 and was seated after having to show I made a reservation on Dimmi. Not sure what the point was as it certainly didn't fill up but ok... The food was decent, maybe not the best Japanese I've had but not the worst. The broth for the udon was a little fishy, the tempura was delicious. Chicken kaarange was decent. The 2 star loss really started when I got home. Let's just say the meal didn't settle well, and I spent the next 1/2 hour in the toilet.
Susan Szymiczek 2018-01-01

Fantastic food, presentation well thought out, and the service was spot on! They even had Gluten Free options and were extremely accommodating with this! Will be back!
Tim Courtney 2017-12-04

Overpriced very poor quality Sesame Spinach Spinach with sesame sauce There was so much sauce I could hardly see the spinach So heavy thick and much to strong!!! Edamame Boiled soy beans, very good with beer. Very average!! Nasu Dengaku Roasted eggplant with dengaku miso Was dripping in cold deep fryer oil (not roasted at all never has been for this dish) made my stomach churn. Steam Vegetables Steamed seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce $18.50 for the smallest bowl of uninteresting veges dripping in an overpowering oyster sauce very bad!! Salmon sashimi - I did better myself at home a few night prior - they served it and it was warm!!!! Green tea was even bad!
Chris Lanzit 2017-11-21

Great pre or post theater dining. Nearby the Ensemble theater. Excellent Japanese food. Nice friendly atmosphere.