Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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Nico Obcisio 2017-06-16

Absolutely stunning. Visited during the winter as the lake was completely frozen over. Very enjoyable hour long walk atop the frozen water body and knee-deep snow. If walking is not your thing, other points of interest like ice hockey rings on the lake and even ice castles and statues are definitely worth a visit.
Mihir Ashar 2017-06-14

Service is amazing! Rooms are very well sized! All the staff working here are so warm and approachable, which makes this a very friendly hotel! The food is also really good. Got a chance to try two of the restaurants and the food was up to the mark! Would definitely come back when here again .
Autumn Grieb 2017-06-11

This Fairmont Chateau is great. The rooms are very nice with a variety of sizes, and they clean the rooms daily. There is a beautiful view of the mountain range and the lake. There are many different hikes, long and short; it is perfect for outdoorsy people. The only issue is that most of the year some of the hikes are restricted because of snow and ice. There are about three restaurants that are a little pricy but good. The hotel has a gym, pool, hot tub and other amenities.
Tim Dea 2017-04-27

It is an updated version of an original Castle of the North built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad 127 years ago. It is a throw back to a time when it was the exclusive playground of the rich and famous. Not that it isn't now but there are deals during off peak times. Regular rooms are excellent and well maintained. Food and service are too. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, you do our country proud.
Cassandra Danielle 2017-04-17

With only one night of staying here, my boyfriend and I were blown away by the outstanding service we received upon entry to exit. All staff members were kind and willing to help anyway they could, and our room was upgraded without us even asking! We ended up with a stunning view overlooking the lake, and were blown away by the view. Our room was clean and comfortable, and we were a big fan of the robes! We hope to find our way back to Alberta one day, and if so, we will definitely be returning to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Thank you!