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Mindy Renfro 2018-07-23

Terrible service. Dirty table. Mediocre and expensive food. Vegas has wonderful choices, will never return. Go to Nordstrom cafe.
Kurt Schwigert 2018-07-13

Love the BBQ Chicken pizza. Everything is great though. Bring back the hummus appetizer! Please!
Deanna Del Rio 2018-07-10

I have ordered (through Grubhub) 3 times in the past 2 weeks. The first order took 90 minutes and my pizza was cold & limp. But, I was able to crisp it back up in the oven. My next order was on a Friday at 2PM. AT 4:15pm, still no pizza & they kept pushing the delivery time back & I finally had to cancel & go out to eat at TGIFriday. I decided to give them 1 more try today. Here it is 1.5 hours later and the food is still "being prepared". I think that they see the order is for delivery & push it to the back of the line. At any rate, the service is horrible, obviously. I think I was fair in giving them 3 chances before leaving bad feedback.
Rob Lynch 2018-07-06

I am surprised with how much I liked the cauliflower crust. I'd easily get it again!
Romeo 2018-07-05

Pizza was delicious, lemonade also! Great place to eat. Staff was friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. Thanks, guys!

Amazing gluten free pizza!!! Pricy, but worth every penny. House made crust gives this gf pizza a flavor you can't get at any other pizza place that does gluten-free. Also, their pizza is bigger than your standard gluten-free 12" pizza. Best place for gluten free pizza, hands down. I can't wait to go back.
Holly Boman 2018-06-17

Lovely hostess seated us right away. We weren’t acknowledged by the wait staff, neither was another patron who’d arrived before us, despite attempts to get their attention. Make sure you allow more than an hour to dine here if you’re traveling. You’ll need plenty of time!
Kuldeep Dhaliwal 2018-06-13

Food was good. Pizzas were small. If you visiting with family make sure check the size of pizzas. Order accordingly. Pasta was really good. Overall good experience.
Stacy Welle 2018-06-06

Great pizzas and salads. The crust on the pizza wood fired, so it's light and fluffy, which I love. The ingredients aren't over powering or overdone. The Thai chicken salad is excellent, but very large, so be sure to split it, especially if you plan on eating any pizza. The location is right inside the casino area, so it can get smoky if people are smoking around the parameters of the open restaurant.
Kelli Prime 2018-06-01

My boyfriend and I were eating at the bar before our flight. He should up min later after using the facilities and we shared the pizza I ordered to go just in case. He was asked to leave even though we ordered a drink and he was eating the pizza as well but ,” you are not a paying customer I need you to leave because I’m running a business”. When I I told the waiter he was with me he said,” I don’t care I need to have these seat for paying customers”. “ I’m a paying customer”. He didn’t care so I scratched out his tip and then he crippled up the receipt and said,” I don’t care”. I was very upset and left. Worst service for anyone to go through especially sine I’m in customer service. This bar tender should be at minimum given customer service training. Really disappointed w a vacation that was so good but ended badly.
Dee Wilson 2018-05-24

Great service and they were able to fully accommodate an allergen free diet.
Bradley Vinish 2018-03-12

CPK is located inside Fashion Show. It is very clean, has great service, stays busy, but there is a lot of seating. This is were I go for a quick lunch. It is easy to grab a seat at the bar, get a drink and place you lunch order quickly. Their restrooms and restaurant area is kept clean. I have always had great meals and wonderful service at this CPK.
john Lopiccolo 2018-01-29

I ordered the California Veggie Pizza using the Bite squad app. I didn't realize the resturant was as far away from me as it is until the Bite squad app brought up the map showing where the driver was. Seeing the distance I knew the pizza would arrive cold (at no fault but my own). So I heated up my oven just in case. When the pizza arrived it was cold but before I popped it into the oven I decided to try a bite first. Typically I don't like cold pizza but the combination of flavors from the toppings made it so yummy I didn't bother re-heating it. I ate the whole thing just as it came. I also enjoyed the crust which is a big part on how I judge pizza. The crust was crisp on the outside and soft enough on the inside to make it really delicious. Really good pizza.
Enzo Valenti 2018-01-25

Everything is great and I loved the food, if you come ask for Michael because he is just the kindest person you could possibly have serve you.
Anton Korolev 2017-12-24

Worst pizza i've ever had. I can't believe I paid 15$ for it. I got margarita pizza; it was dry and basically tasted like a toast with some cheese and tomato sauce thrown on top. Price tag is ridiculous for the quality and size of pizza.
Sujatha Sukumaran 2017-11-26

Great pizza place and love their salads. Giving 4 stars too this particular location because they didn't really attend to us in between serving our dish and getting the check finally. They came once, but sometimes it's not enough. They forgot couple small condiments that were asked. However nice people, so giving a benefit of doubt. Cpk is one of my favorite American version of pizza place.
Carrie Trznadel 2017-11-21

The menu is missing the majority of CPKs items. The portions are half the size and the prices are marked up. I got a Caesar salad and it came out in the half size bowls ($13) then I ordered a pepperoni and sausage pizza. It was the size of a Celeste's frozen pizza and covered in Oregano. Our waitress was very polite.
Karl Kussow 2017-09-12

Service was great. Food quality was edible. I ordered the Penne with Chicken. It showed up warm at best, under seasoned and clearly not fresh. I will not be visiting again.
Shanta Williams 2017-09-06

My husband and I both ordered The Works and it was VERY tasty. Service was prompt and our server Lin, was VERY attentive.
jeff solomon 2017-09-04

Great place to eat and meet friends. Excellent service and extremely friendly service from all the crew.
Ronda ODell 2017-09-03

The service was incredible! Casey was veey friendly and promot.My daughter did not like the Mac n cheese balls. We didn't even say anything but the manager must have noticed she wasn't eating them and she came to our table right away.
Axa Martin 2017-08-23

Had the best Italian chopped salad- they get it really chopped. Loved it. Place is clean and super friendly. One of my favorite CPKs!
Rohar Baconmoo 2017-07-31

My visit was 7/30/2017 at 6:30pm. The hostess was sharing a personal story with another staff member when I arrived and continued even though I was standing there. The other staff member was the one who, after a few moments, greeted me. Yet the hostess yammered on a few more sentences before finally acknowledging me. When I told her I was alone but needed a full size table (usually seats 3-4) so I could use my laptop, but I was denied. As I left to instead eat at Rudy's Diner, I pointed out to the hostess that they were at most 10% capacity and should have been able to accommodate.
Mike Landry 2017-07-04

Was at the CPK at the airport and let me tell you, I even tip bad service, but this was terrible. What a stain on the franchise. Food was cold... when asked about it, they didn't care... honestly. The waiter also said I didn't order the club when I clearly did. I can't do it justice and capture the nuances of the exchange... but incredibly rude. I kept my eye on him to make sure he didn't spit in my drink it was that bad. He's like 5'6 and was working on the night of this review. Avoid avoid avoid. I'll remove this review (gave you three to not hurt your average) from this location in a bit ... but I figured you might pay attention since the airport location doesn't respond to all their one star reviews.