Vancouver Jinjiang Guesthouse

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Lord Sforza 2018-07-11

Worst people ever!!!! They are a chinese couple with no morals, no honor and no shame!! They sold my booking to someone else because they are so greedy and despicable that they preferred to get a few more dollars from someone else and change all my plans to stay in a budget accomodation near Coquitlam, they changed my reservation from July until October to avoid the negative feedback, with me struggling to get my original booking back!! Avoid those low life, aberrant and cheap people!!
Manran Lu 2018-06-06

Manni Lu 2018-06-06

Michael Phang 2018-02-05

2238 Sorrento Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6P3, Canada
+1 778-822-8188