China Town

Chinese street, was founded in London in the 19th century, initially concentrated in the east of the docking bay, beginning in the 1950 s gradually moved to the downtown of soho.In the downtown area, with Soho, West End and other regions for London at the center of the nightlife.The London Chinatown is composed of a street and a few path, is located in prime locations, from Buckingham Palace and 10 downing street not far from downing street and Trafalgar Square.Just like all the Chinatown in the world, is located in the centre of London's SOHO London Chinatown in a year when it is the Chinese lunar New Year, the strong festive mood will annihilation only some English signs, make the person produces the feeling of a domestic holiday...In some Chinese supermarket to buy from China and southeast Asia the special local product of food products, this is other supermarkets in the UK can't buy.London's Chinatown is said to have so far not been formal administrative boundaries.



Driving Direction

On the London underground to Leicester Square station (Leicester Square).Out of the station, according to the marked China Town signs about 3 minutes.

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