One of 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, Epcot theme park sprawls across 300 acres—twice the size of Magic Kingdom park—and is divided into Future World and World Showcase. Here, creativity is encouraged, imagination is celebrated and countries are united. Be amazed, inspired, enlightened and entertained!

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Domenico Pontoriero 2017-01-30

EPCOT is loads of fun. You can definitely spend the entire day there as there are lots of things to do, so come early and take it slow. It's the most expansive park in WDW, and there's something for everyone. Definitely ride Soaring. If you're looking for more rides though, Magic Kingdom wins with the "mountain" rides.
Elianne Ferrer 2017-01-22

The staff is not as nice as in other parks on Disney World. However after you get pass them at the entrance, it's Awesome! I love that is not as crowded, you have many different food options, and it has some pretty cool attractions. I feel like WAY more can be done considering the topic it holds, but overall is highly enjoyable.
Alexis Wallace 2017-01-18

Disney does fun right! The food! The wine! The culture. Epcot is so different from all the other parks. It's great for when you want to try some different foods or when you want a more leisurely day of strolling and exploring rather than ride after ride and line after line. I love EPCOT!