Gems of Dartmoor Personal Photography Workshop, Capturing the hidden magic of Dartmoor. To make the most of the enthralling photographic opportunities Dartmoor offers we will visit some beguiling destinations that are off the beaten track where I will teach you how to capture stunning images.Vivid colours and atmospheric sunlight go hand in hand with Dartmoor and will be ablaze with an astonishing palette of vibrancy.I will teach you how to make the most of Dartmoor, from selecting locations to making use of the light and capturing the atmosphere during the ‘golden hour’ when the sun lights up the sky but is hidden behind the horizon.

We will walk to destinations that offer a kaleidoscope of colour, taking advantage of the opportunities that cross our path discovering those Gems of Dartmoor. It might be an ancient clapper bridge, a stone cross, an ancient Bronze Age settlement or a hut circle, where folklore and myths shroud each place in mystery. I will give you hints and tips about composing great images along with all the technical detail required such as settings, composition and light. While unravelling the mysteries that each destination holds. This workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the Hidden Gems of Dartmoor and the fundamentals of great photography enabling you to capture its unique scenery. We will tailor the day to your or your groups interests where this is your day to enjoy and learn in a stunning environment. It is ideal for entry-level photographers or more advanced photographers with the overall aim to increase your photography skills while igniting your passion for Dartmoor. Some key areas you will learn throughout the day!1) Understanding how best to get the most from your camera. Whether you are a beginner having just purchased your camera or an experienced photographer Malcolm will work with you to improve your images capturing great shots from the start.Malcolms hands on approach sets beginners up with the right camera settings from the very beginning so you can spend your time enjoying Dartmoor while learning about composition, light and camera settings.Malcolm is known for keeping it simple and helping people improve their photography skills out on location without getting drawn into the technical details behind all the settings.You will leave the day with an increase in your photography skills while igniting your passion for Dartmoor.Knowledge – What all the camera settings mean and which are important to you… Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, Composition the rule of thirds and the importance of “shapes” within an image, how to maximise one location or shot to achieve three images, shooting for print, social media and website use.2) Learn about the Hidden Gems of Dartmoor visiting locations off the beaten track.3) Learn the history and mysteries of each destination and subject matter in your imagesGive more meaning to your photos by understanding the history and location of the subject matter which forms them. Rather than just capturing a great shot and not knowing anything about the location.4) Learn how to make the most of a location and the light5) Understand more about the history and the conservation which takes place on Dartmoor Breakfast at included along with a locally produced (hamper) pick nick lunch which we will enjoy out on one of Dartmoor’s stunning Tors.

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