Disney Springs

Disney World's shopping and dining area consists of Marketplace, Pleasure Island and West Side.

Business Hour

Su 10:00-22:00
Fr 10:15-22:00

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User Comments

Geovanny Morales 2017-01-30

The updated Downtown Disney is looking really nice. With the opening of even more shops and restaurants there is more choices than before to find something you like while walking around. Great place for a date or just see the shops or buy some Disney related merchandise.
Joseph Brueggen 2017-01-26

Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) is a full, vibrant, family-friendly experience that still manages to be fun for all ages. It offers a very long list of dining, entertainment, and shopping venues. Definitely check out the website for more info and a better picture of what's offered, but it's safe to say you'll have a great time here. Oh, and parking is free! There's lots to love about Disney Springs, whatever your budget! Highly recommended.
Kelly knigge 2016-12-23

There are lots of things to do here with the kids. Music with a DJ, there is a Christmas tree area to walk through with specific trees for characters and Disney themes. There are many food options. Lots of shopping. The parking garage is excellent, each floor tells you the amount of open spaces. Each space has a sensor and a light that is visible without driving down the aisle, green means empty, red means space is filled. All you have to do is look for a green light. Especially helpful when the place is busy.