Live Like A Local In Paris
D 1
  • La Seine

    What can I say, nice in the day romantic at night. Walk along the left bank from Boulevard Saint Michel to Rue de Tolbiac. Stroll along the bank listen to the music and watch the dancers. Stop at one of the little tent bars get a glass of wine or beer and watch the boats/people.
  • Place des Vosges

    A nice green park surrounded by very historic buildings housing restaurants and art galleries. In one corner is the historic home of Victor Hugo.
  • Musée Nissim de Camondo

    A small Musee in the old family home with beautiful art work. See how the family lived during that period. Learn the sad story of the family history. Worth the time and effort
  • Musée National Eugène Delacroix

    Eugene Delacroix was an artist and his paintings are on display around Paris and the world. This was his home and studio. See how he lived and worked, visit the garden and the studio. Many paintings also on display.
D 2
  • Musée de l'Orangerie

  • Musée d'Orsay

    For me the best art Musee in Paris and a very good restaurant dinning room. A converted old train station with several floors of famous Art.
  • Musée Rodin

  • Cluny Museum - National Museum of Medieval Art

    The structure itself is worth seeing as it dates back to the 1300's. Inside is a very good collection of historical artifacts.
D 3
  • Athabasca Falls

  • Saint-Sulpice

    Eglise Saint-Sulpice is second in size in Paris, only Norte Dame is larger. The church is quite beautiful and not on most tourist tour routes so the crowds are much smaller. There is also a Eugene Delacroix mural.
  • Saint-Étienne-du-Mont

  • Saint-Eustache Church

  • Sacré-Cœur Basilica

    Located in the Montmartre district you can climb the stairs or take the Funicular to the top. The Basilica is quite beautiful both in and outside. Bring your camera as pictures are a must. Spend some time siting on the steps and watch the sunset over the city. Inside the Basilica walk around then sit for a while and feel the spirit.
D 4
  • Le Jardin du Luxembourg

    Beautiful do not miss this garden, Take your time walk through the grounds, stop rest and relax enjoy the beauty of the gardens. You can even walk your dog around the outside grounds it you so desire as we did. Great for people watching and laying in the grass.
  • Coulée verte René-Dumont

    Cool And Refreshing 2.9 Mile Stroll.
  • Monceau Park

    A beautiful park where the local people to enjoy the sun and relax.
D 5
  • Saint-Germain-des-Prés

    “Great Shopping, Restaurants, and People Watching” Is located around the abbey of Saint-Germaine-des-Pres. In this area you will find people from all over the world. Locals outfitted in the latest fashions going to work or just taking a stroll. Walk along the streets of Boulevard St-Germaine, Rue de Seine, Rued Rennes or Rue Bonaparte. Window shop, stop in a Boulanger for a Coffee Latte and pastry, later eat in one of the outstanding restaurants in the area. Visit the many museums and gardens. We will be back to enjoy this wonderful area again and again. This is a place to see and to be seen.
  • Rue Saint Honoré

    This is the trendy big name stores are, and what a shopping opportunity.
  • Le Marais

    “Great Walking Area With Much to Do” Many things to do in this area seven days a week. Visit the Jewish quarter, watch the street performers, shop in the many small stores, stop and get a snack. Relax in the park at Place de Voges watch the young lovers, visit the home of Victor Hugo. If you have the time this area is worth more then one visit.
D 6
  • Place de la Bastille

    “The History Of The Area Was Enough For Us” Just to stand on the Place and recall history of the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille was satisfaction. Of course the Bastille is long gone and all that is left is the monument. In addition the Place Bastille is a busy circle with many restaurants, shops, Sunday market, and a canal with interesting house boats. The new opera house is also here so we just walked around the area looking at the buildings, people then had a good lunch at one of the sidewalk cafes.
  • Canal Saint-Martin

    Trendy local canal with small boats traveling along. Sit along the canal and watch the boats then stroll the area and find one of the local cafes. Sit outside and watch the people.
  • Cimetière du Père Lachaise

    “What Gran·deur” Walk around see the largest cemetery in Paris and visit the many famous burial plots such as Oscar Wilde, Sara Bernhart and many others. Best to have a map to help find your way.
  • Jasper Yellowhead Museum & Archives

    Only walked thru this area but the diversity looked very interesting. I would like to go back and visit someday.