Discover The Delights Of Istanbul becooler
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  • The Blue Mosque / Sultan Ahmet Camii

    The Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a historic mosque located in Istanbul, Turkey. A popular tourist site, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque continues to function as a mosque today; men still kneel in prayer on the mosque's lush red carpet after the call to prayer. The Blue Mosque, as it is popularly known, was constructed between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I. Its Külliye contains Ahmed's tomb, a madrasah and a hospice. Hand-painted blue tiles adorn the mosque’s interior walls, and at night the mosque is bathed in blue as lights frame the mosque’s five main domes, six minarets and eight secondary domes.

    A world heritage site, you simply cannot visit Istanbul without visiting Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed). It is beautiful, both from the outside and within.
  • Grand Bazaar

    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops which attract between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily.

    The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest covered markets in the world. It is huge, a maze of 61 streets and 3000 shops! Some guide books suggest spending several hours here, which you could, however we felt an hour was enough to walk around just some of the many streets. This gave us a flavour of the bazaar and we were able to enjoy the bustling atmosphere. The Bazaar is very busy with tourists exploring, as well as locals enjoying Turkish tea.
  • Spice Bazaar / Mısır Çarşıs

    The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the largest bazaars in the city. Located in the Eminönü quarter of the Fatih district, it is the most famous covered shopping complex after the Grand Bazaar.

    Historical spice bazaar where most merchants selling merchandise appealing to tourists. Baby brother of the grand Bazaar. Streets around the bazaar are more interesting than the bazaar itself.
  • Galata Bridge

    The Galata Bridge is a bridge that spans the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. From the end of the 19th century in particular, the bridge has featured in Turkish literature, theater, poetry and novels.

    Gorgeous tower. Very old and smelling history. A wonderful view of istanbul awaits you.
  • Galata Tower

    The Galata Tower — called Christea Turris by the Genoese — is a medieval stone tower in the Galata/Karaköy quarter of Istanbul,Turkey, just to the north of the Golden Horn's junction with the Bosphorus. One of the city's most striking landmarks, it is a high, cone-capped cylinder that dominates the skyline and offers a panoramic vista of Istanbul's historic peninsula and its environs.

    One of the most iconic building in İstanbul. You can see in city as panoramic also you can visit many important buildings with 3D video clip.
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  • Topkapi Palace Museum

    The Topkapı Palace or the Seraglio, is a large palace in Istanbul, Turkey, that was one of the major residences of the Ottoman sultans for almost 400 years of their 624-year reign.

    The palace/museum is very beautiful. The buildings are old and antique. We can see precious things from Islamic history and Sultan's collections. The garden is dazzling, especially when you come at spring. It takes times to go through all over museum but worth it if you love museum.
  • Hagia Sophia Museum

    Hagia Sophia was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica, later an imperial mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Construction completed on Hagia Sophia in 537AD. Initially Hagia Sophia was a church until 1453 when it became a mosque. Since 1935 Hagia Sophia has been a museum and today it is a world heritage site.
  • Gulhane Park

    Gülhane Park is a historical urban park in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, Turkey; it is located adjacent to and on the grounds of the Topkapı Palace. The south entrance of the park sports one of the larger gates of the palace.

    Beautiful gardens with historical trees, water features and meandering paths. Entrance is free and it's next to the Topkapi Palace. Nice place to escape the hustle and bustle of Sultanahmet.
  • Basilica Cistern

    The Basilica Cistern, is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul (formerly Constantinople), Turkey. The cistern, located 500 feet (150 m) southwest of the Hagia Sophia on the historical peninsula of Sarayburnu, was built in the 6th century during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I.

    Located in the Sultanahmet district, over the road from Hagia Sophia, this Cistern constructed 527-565AD is unusual. Inside are 336 marble columns and 2 Medusa heads. It is certainly different, you won't need more than about half an hour inside.
  • Suleymaniye Mosque‎ / Süleymaniye Camii

    The Süleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque located on the Third Hill of Istanbul, Turkey. It is the second largest mosque in the city, and one of the best-known sights of Istanbul.

    Construction on the Suleymaniye Mosque completed in 1557. It is one of the most popular mosques in Istanbul and is beautiful. The ceiling is amazing so take plenty of time to admire this. This is less busy than the Blue Mosque however it is still definitely worth visiting.
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  • Serpent Column

    The Serpent Column, also known as the Serpentine Column, Plataean Tripod or Delphi Tripod, is an ancient bronze column at the Hippodrome of Constantinople in what is now Istanbul, Turkey.

    Serpentine Column. It was cast by the Greeks after their victory over the Persians at the Battle of Plataea in the 5th century BC. The remains of the former glory of the ancient Greeks.
  • Beyazit Mosque

    The Bayezid II Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque located in the Beyazıt Square area of Istanbul, Turkey, near the ruins of the Forum of Theodosius of ancient Constantinople.

    Great mosque, with some reconstruction works nowadays.
  • Eyüp Sultan Mosque / Eyup Sultan Camii

    The Eyüp Sultan Mosque is situated in the Eyüp district of Istanbul, outside the city walls near the Golden Horn. The present building dates from the beginning of the 19th century.

    Great mosque with beautiful architecture, lively area around the mosque and it's very nice to walk around.
  • Miniatürk

    Miniatürk is a miniature park situated at the north-eastern shore of Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. It was opened May 2, 2003. Miniatürk covers a total area of 60,000 square metres.

    Wonderful overview of all Turkey's famous attractions and historical places.