Romantic Art 2-Day tour in New York Triptoto
D 1
  • Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

    Opened on every Saturday and Sunday, New York artists and fashion people sell art of their own design, you can find a lot of creative things in here.
  • The High Line

    From the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market go on foot to the entrance of the High Line Park, here is a unique scenery line through the tall buildings.Walking on the walking path, surrounded by green plants, the park blocks have a lot of literature and art of cafes, restaurants and galleries. Playing time:Suggestion 1-2 hours
  • Whitney Museum of American Art

    Along the High Line Park walk to the end, you can see a white building, here is the Whitney Museum of American Art, showed works of the native American artists. Playing time:Suggestion 1-3 hours
  • Greenwich Village

    Here is regarded as the symbol of American advance guard culture, red brick buildings,street graffiti, and private restaurants, bars, and Friends's main back scenes, make it a favorite for literary youth. Playing time:Suggestion 1 day.
D 2
  • SoHo

    Soho is the best integrative places of business and arts, here have many brand stores and discount stores, also have independent designer stores and literary meals. Playing time:Suggestion 1-3 hours.
  • New Museum

    Here is Excellent mix of contemporary art exhibitions. Playing time:Suggestion 1-3 hours.
  • Brooklyn Museum

    Great insight into American modern art and an immense Egyptian art collection. Playing time:Suggestion 2-4 hours.